Average Cost of PC’s Today

Before, the selling price of PC’s (personal computer) ranges from $500 to $2000, which is quite expensive at that time, but now, the average cost of PC’s today is between $275 and $1600. As you can see, the price had decreased over the years. This is because of the decline in the production cost and the increasing demand of people. The average cost of PC’s today also depends on the type, size, speed or performance and memory of the computer.

The decrease in the selling price or the average cost of PC’s today is usually because of the escalation in demand of buyers and the reduced price of production expenses. The overwhelming increase in sales is due to the rise in the needs of everyone. Even in some third-world countries, you will see a lot of rich and middle-class people who own at least one type of PC (or personal computer). In most schools also, you will always find at least one student per class who owns a laptop and at least 50% of the class own a stationed desktop computer. If before, PC’s are for the first class people, nowadays even the lower class people can own a PC. There are also second-hand PC’s that are as low as $50 to $100. And in some Asian countries, they can be haggled for a lower price of $20.

The average cost of PC’s today, specifically a stationed desktop computer ranges from $300 to $1600 depending on the speed, video capability, memory size, monitor size and style. For a desktop computer that has an average performance, adequate memory and hard disk, internal video card, 14 to 15-inch monitor and has a common appearance, the price will likely be in the range of $400 to $700. Average-performance laptops are sold for as low as $275 and as high as $500. There is also one laptop that was named after a car, and has become known for its speed. Its price was on the bid for as low as $799. There are also some laptops that offer over-the-top speed and battery level, but their price is a lot higher ($800 to $1000).

Choosing your own brand of PC depends on your preferences. If you like to travel, laptops are more like your style. If you are a gamer, a high-speed computer with a large memory and high-resolution video is what you need. For those who just want to surf the internet occasionally and make a few documents, an average-performing computer is the right choice for you. When you finally have in mind the type of computer you want, and with the estimated average cost of PC’s today, you can finally budget and allot enough money to get the right PC that is especially for you.

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